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28th October Street, 609 Apt.
3035, Limassol


Whether interested in purchasing land, off-plan, or resale properties, Yiannos Trisokkas can assist his clients through every stage of their real estate journey. Yiannos can connect all the dots, matching every client’s real estate need to the best solution.

Decades of experience
in the international real estate industry

Yiannos can assist anyone in navigating complex scenarios and avoiding risky investments through thorough investigations of any pre-existing legal, practical, or financial hurdles.

Pre-Purchase Due Diligence

Yiannos and his team of trusted professionals can conduct careful research before a property purchase by scouting possible encumbrances, investigating various factors associated with the property, and performing due diligence checks to secure the best possible payment agreement and an extremely profitable investment.

After- Sales Support

Support does not end once a sale is made. Yiannos understands just how valuable of a resource time is and has an immense respect for his clients’ and associates’ time.

Property Management

Individuals interested in acquiring overseas property as an asset but are unable to part with their time can rest assured that Yiannos can ensure their property is maintained in top shape. In their absence, Yiannos and his team can act on a client’s behalf regarding the management and maintenance of a property.

Rental Assistance

Yiannos can draft rental contracts and agreements that serve his client’s interests and select responsible, respectable, and reliable tenants in a rental scenario.

Yiannos can help aspiring property developers through every stage, even individuals who have no prior experience in the industry. Clients need not concern themselves with specifics – Yiannos can provide all necessities to ensure a development is firmly rooted on the right path. Comprehensive support and coordination in all matters related to the project can be expected, as Yiannos is determined to deliver your vision and return on investment.

Individuals interested in purchasing land can also be accommodated